Overwater Bass Day – Barnes, 23rd September 2012

On a wet, windy September day it was a pleasure to spend a few hours in the company of Kirsty, Martin, Chris and Kees, not to mention a multitude of GAS-inducing Overwater models of all kinds, from the affordable to the stuff of dreams and deeper pockets.

The Overwater Bass Day was being held at Barnes in West London, at the Bull’s Head, a pub with a shining reputation for live music – especially jazz. The event also included an awesome, star-studded concert in the evening, and we were all invited.

The sight when I stepped into the music hall was a bass player’s dream, and the urge to jump on stage and try each and every one of the models on show was overwhelming.


In the event, I couldn’t do just that, because on that occasion there were no left-handed demo models – but I got my kicks out of looking at, touching, caressing and snapping the basses with my camera. And I obviously listened to them being played by others.

The Aspiration range offers affordable high-quality models.
Aspiration (5) Aspiration (1)

The Expression is a range of 4, 5 and 6-string semi-acoustics that sound more acoustic than electric but can be plugged in and amplifed normally. I saw the 4 and 5 at the Bass Day.
Expression (1) Expression (4) Expression (6)

The all-UK made quality range that’s still affordable. I spent a long time GASsing and drooling over these, and I might have produced my credit card if any lefty models had been available… well, one day there will be some.
Inspiration (4) Inspiration (6) Inspiration (12)

These are slightly smaller and lighter than other models and have more custom options available.
Perception (1)Perception (2)

Some J-Series Prototypes
Soon-to-be additions to Overwater’s take on the classic shape, alredy offering a variety of options for the woods and the electronics.
Overwater Prototypes (4) Overwater Protoypes (9)

Scott Devine
That’s not just a model designed for/by him, but his own, actual bass he played on the night, plus his accessories in his case. Awe-inspiring 🙂
Scott Devine (1) Scott Devine (3)

Some illustrious people milling around and mixing with the organisers before the gig

Dave Swift and, in the foreground, Tony Reeves and Overwater’s own Chris May
Overwater Bass Day - Dave Swift

Kees Harrison

Scott Devine

Trevor Barry and Phil Cranham
Overwater Bass Day - VIPs

And finally, some stills from the gigs

Chloe Treacher
Overwater Bass Day - Chloe Treacher

Chris Attwell
Overwater Bass Day - Chris Attwell (2)

Chris Hargreaves
Overwater Bass Day - Chris Hargreaves

Paul Carmichael
Overwater Bass Day - Paul Carmichael

Phil Mulford
Overwater Bass Day - Phil Mulford (1)

Scott Devine – this time on stage
Overwater Bass Day - Scott Devine (1)

Stepping out of the Bull’s Head into the cool, rainy breeze by the river, and walking home, I continued to feel the buzz of a very special day spent ogling gorgeous models (on this occasion, those made of fine woods, hardware and electronics…!) and an amazing evening spent grooving and funkying at a series of performances by awesome musicians.

I wish I could have filmed and posted every note that was played, but that would have been a daunting task. Overwater did, however, make a short video with a few highlights of the day: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9XRe_gxLP3I. I’m going to keep that link handy to keep the memories alive!


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