Basschat at the London Bass Guitar Show 2013

The Beginning
The last week of February 2013, at my place, somewhere in West London.

Basschat has finally been able to arrange to have a presence at the London Bass Guitar show this year, thanks to our friends and fellow BCers, the guys at Bass Gear, who are allowing us to share some space at their stand. I’m honoured – and not a little excited – to be the Basschat representative at the show.

So here we are, a few days before the show begins, and I think I’ve got all I need, starting with getting posters done and printouts ready, and then assembling the Basschat lanyards we’ll be giving away:

Basschat ???????????????????????????????

It’s now just a matter of gathering all the bits and pieces, adding a few stationery items for fixing, supporting and holding everything together, sticking the lot into a large bag, and carrying it all to the Olympia Conference Centre.

Two additional reasons I’m excited are the prospect of seeing David Ellefson of Megadeth giving a masterclass and a live stage performance, and my planned GAS-inducing visit to the Warwick stand, where I’ll be trying to arrange a meetup with some of my fellow Warwick&Framus forum members.

Tuesday 5th March 2013

It happened. It was awesome. I went to the Olympia Conference Centre on Friday 1st to join the guys at Bass Gear and help them set up their stand and Basschat’s corner, then spent 8 hours on Saturday 2nd and another 8 on Sunday 3rd and enjoyed – in fact, loved – every minute of it. And that’s despite having to put up with the noise created by The Mad Slappers, a category of bass players who believe that more is more, and that grooving and arpeggioing is so last year, dahling. I wonder how they are able to judge what a bass or a rig really sounds like, when they mostly coax a tuneless, percussive noise out of it at the speed of light…

Anyway – Saturday was by far the busier day as far as the number of visitors was concerned:

??????????????????????????????? View of the halls (2)

Basschat had its corner in the foyer above, to the side of Bass Gear’s stand. On Friday afternoon, when I left the centre, Basschat’s corner looked like this.


On Saturday, after some clever negotiations, Phil had been able to obtain permission for us to use the space to the right of the stand, so that now our corner looked like this:

Basschat corner

Throughout the weekend I was supported by my fellow BCer and best friend Shelley (Seashell), to whom I am indebted for being by my side while I was there and holding the fort while I wasn’t. (You’re an absolute star, Shelley!) We gave away more than 70 Basschat lanyards to as many friends – old and new – who came to the corner for a chat and a laugh. By lunchtime on Saturday, if  you walked among the stands, you couldn’t help noticing many familiar faces wearing their Basschat ID round their necks 🙂

More about the GAS section: a few other stands at the show

The Bass Centre
Bass Centre (1) Bass Centre (2)
There was even an electric cello!

Bass Direct

The rather sparse – but still GAS-inducing – Fender stand

The Hartke stand

Hofner Guitars with a lefty model – but the one I like is the blue one…

Ortega’s acoustic paradise and a gorgeous lefty reflecting your badly gassing truly and her camera
Ortega (1) Ortega (2)

Sims customised pickups
SiMs (1) SiMs (2)


Square One’s very distinctive basses
??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????

Status (2) Status (3)
30th Anniversary Series IIs and some classic models

Status (1)
A rare lefty

Hiwatt gear at the Strings&Things stand
Strings&Things (1)

The lone double bass, again at the Strings&Things stand
Strings&Things (2)

Trace Elliot and Peavey Amplifiers (plus a rather battered specimen of ‘Bass Centre Headstock’!)
Trace Elliot

My favourite stand – Warwick

Warwick (1) German made Warwick (2) German made
German-made Warwicks and the awesome back of a German-made Corvette 4

Warwick (3) Rockbass Warwick (4)Pro Series
Extremely cool-looking Rockbass and Pro Series Korean-made Warwicks

Warwick (5)
A gorgeous acoustic model

Enough of the inanimate objects – however lovely – that were at the show. Now for…

Yours truly with David Ellefson’s autographs for Basschat

The first BCers to visit us at the corner on Saturday, plus the immensely hard-working Tom Kent (from far left, with StephenYork, Lozz196, EZbass, Seashell)

Alex Lofoco
Alex Lofoco double-thumbing quietly at the Rotosound stand

Dave Swift with Barrie at the Bass Gear stand

Steve Lawson at the MSL professional/Markbass stand

Or Lubianiker
Or Lubianiker and Cameron Dawson at the Aguilar stand

Yolanda Charles at the Elixir stand

And finally, the Basschat Claim To Fame Corner! 😀

Seashell meeting Peter Hook

Silvia & David Ellefson_edited2
Bluejay meeting David Ellefson, and doing her best to explain to him what Basschat is. He looks rather perplexed..

Dan and Or Lubianiker
Basschat’s own Dan ‘Dood’ Veall with Or Lubianiker

David Ellefson with Dan David Ellefson with Dan2
Dan with David Ellefson at the Hartke stand

David Ellefson with Dan's Bass ???????????????????????????????
David Ellefson is then left alone with Dan’s 7-string bass, before going into the auditorium and doing his full-on metal god impression (swoon!!) 😀

The BC Bass Relay for detailed info

The BC Baton came to our corner at the LBGS courtesy of James (Jimryan) who travelled all the way from Portsmouth with it. It was worth his while, though – he got photos of Steve Lawson and Yolanda Charles holding it, then some footage of BCer Dmanlamius playing it, and then passed it on to fellow BCer Rushbo.

??????????????????????????????? ???????????????????????????????
The BC baton and James, ready to pass it on

Dmanlamius with the Baton
Dmanlamius plays the Baton

Steve Lawson with the Baton Yolanda Charles with the Baton
Steve Lawson and Yolanda Charles with the Baton

James with Rushbo
And finally, James passes the Baton to BCer Rushbo

In conclusion

It was an amazing weekend. Nothing can come close to the sheer pleasure of meeting so many people who are united by the love of all things musical and low end, and the joy of making new friends, seeing old ones, and being at the heart of our community for two very special days.

This is my visual souvenir to sum up the experience and evoke that unique feeling. Roll on next year!


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