Basschat South East Bash, 2013

It had been building up for months, and had become frantic in the last few weeks. The list of participants, regularly updated on the dedicated thread on Basschat, had been getting longer and longer. The gear they were going to bring was mouth-watering. The guests, sponsors and masterclasses were unmissable.

It was the biggest South East Bass Bash to date, and it didn’t disappoint.

South East Bass Bash 2013 timetable

The South East Bass Bash 2013 timetable

South East Bass Bash 2013

Jubilee High School, Addlestone

South East Bass Bash 2013


When I arrived with the rhythmic section of Basschat band The Junkyard Dogs – that is, bassist Happy Jack and drummer Paul, to be joined later by multi-instrumentalist MacDaddy – most of the setting up process had already taken place. The foyer was already filled with GAS-inducing gear, and Hamster and Silverfoxnik were at the reception desk to welcome us. Not that I managed to take a photo of them at this stage, mind – they were already rushed off their feet by the steady flow of enthusiastic participants arriving with stuff to find a place for…

A look around the foyer:

Basses in the foyer

Dave Swift’s basses and rig

Monique and Tonehammer

Dave Swift’s Monique and Tonehammer

Joel McIver

Bass Guitar Magazine’s Joel McIver

Chapman stick

Stickman with, er, a stick

Dave Swift with DB

Dave Swift and his slimmed-down double bass

KB1 Baby Bass

Happy Jack’s KB1 is put to the test in the uprights corner

Ampeg and double bass

Clarky’s corner, set up for his talk with his original Ampeg Baby Bass and his double bass


Clarky, mid-talk

The background noise came from Dave Swift, unaware of the talk, and someone he was chatting with. I wish I had filmed the moment Clarky shut both of them up! (Dave apologised, and it was all very friendly.)


JCater playing upright

Jack and Sean

The Matamp aficionados corner: Happy Jack and Billy Apple

Colin and Steve

Hamster and Kiwi


Sarah, Mrs Hamster, running the refreshments corner

We then walked into the hall to set up our gear.

Matamp Head, Barefaced 69er

Matamp head, Barefaced 69er, assorted basses

All around us was this:


Hall Hall Hall Hall Hall Hall Hall Hall Hall Hall Hall

Hall Hall Hall Hall Hall
The talk of the bash, in terms of cabs, was the new Barefaced line and the prototype Alex Claber brought along especially for us.

Barefaced cabs - Basschat SE Bash 2013

The cabs gathered in the foyer earlier in the day (photo by Silverfoxnik)

Alex and Sean

Alex Claber of Barefaced with Billy Apple

Jack's rig

Unaware of what is being set up behind them, Sibob and Happy Jack try the 69er


Aided and abetted by 51m0n, Billy Apple prepares to turn the new Barefaced rig up to 11 – almost literally.

I didn’t spend as much time in the hall as I thought I would, which may have saved me from some serious GAS – as well as hearing damage (!). I made a point of attending at least part of each of the talks held in the theatre.

Bryn Wildish of Markbass, with his midi setup, presented the new Markbass Bass Multiamp.

Bryn Wildish (1)

Bryn Wildish

Bryn Wildish (2)

Bryn Wildish

Kris Kedzior showcased his KB1 and KB Classic Baby Basses, inspired by Ampeg but with vastly improved specifications.

Kris Kedzior

Kris Kedzior with KB Classics

Kris & Anjelica Kedzior

Kris & Anjelica Kedzior. From left: a KB1, the original Ampeg, another KB1 and two KB Classics

Baby Bass

KB Classic in white

Jack and Baby Bass

Happy Jack plays the other KB Classic

Si and Baby Bass

MacDaddy’s turn on the KB Classic

Clarky and Ampeg

Happy Jack’s KB1 and Clarky holding his original Ampeg

Paul Geary and Dave Swift told us about their experience in the music industry and gave us useful insights and advice. and

Paul Geary & Dave Swift (1)

Paul Geary & Dave Swift

Paul Geary & Dave Swift

Paul Geary & Dave Swift

Paul Geary & Dave Swift

Paul Geary & Dave Swift

Bass Guitar Magazine editor and author Joel McIver was interviewed by Hamster and then held a Q&A session. and

Colin & Joel McIver (1)

Hamster & Joel McIver

Colin & Joel McIver (2)

Hamster & Joel McIver

Time constraints meant that I had to miss Urb’s talk completely, as it was being held at the same time as Clarky’s in the foyer. I’ll make sure to attend next year’s! This is a photo taken by Silverfoxnik.


Urb holding his technique workshop in the theatre

Meanwhile, those who needed to relax a bit had gathered in the Jam Room.

Jam Room

xilddx appears to channel Joe Satriani

Jam Room

Jam Room

Jam Room

Jam Room

Jam Room

Jam Room

Walman remains true to his name

Jam Room

At the end of the event, the raffle! We had some awesome prizes – the first prize was offered by Fender and was a gorgeous Squier Jaguar, while the second, equally covetable prize was an Orange mini-combo.

Orange combo and Squier Jaguar

The Orange mini-combo and the Squier Jaguar

Other raffle prizes

Other raffle prizes

Other raffle prizes

Other raffle prizes

Tombola prizes

The prizes for the Tombola that never happened due to time constraints. They are all being kept in storage, ready for next year


The participants congregate

Colin with the prizes

Hamster introduces the prizes

Colin and Nik

Hamster and Silverfoxnik

Colin and Dave

Dave Swift chooses the first winner

First prize winner

Timmo would have won the Jaguar, but he is a lefty! So he opts for the Orange combo.

Colin and Paul

Paul Geary chooses the second winner, for the Jaguar again


And it’s xilddx!




Group pic!

Colin and Joel

Joel’s turn to choose a ticket







Colin and Dave


Colin and Chris


Colin and Steve



Anna (aka Ms Kiwi) picks a number too


The two Colins! (Hamster and barneyg42)

Colin and Nik


Colin and Jack

Happy Jack

For most of us the hope to win a great BC raffle prize has been postponed to next year. Nige has already started modding his Jaguar and posted his build diary on Basschat’s forum:

Despite the day coming and going in a flash, and everybody being incredibly busy from start to finish, Dave and Paul found the time to accept my polite request of a photo of each of them holding our Basschat Relay Baton (see It’s wonderful to see how many stars are genuinely supporting us.

Dave Swift

Dave Swift with the BC Baton

Paul Geary

Paul Geary with the BC Baton

It was a fantastic and fantastically busy day, and I loved every moment of it. There was so much to do and see and hear that it was impossible not to miss something here and there, and it was incredibly hard work for the main organisers, Hamster and Silverfoxnik, as well as pretty damn hard work for co-organisers Obbm and Happy Jack. We are all extremely grateful to them. As a group, we are already beginning to plan next year’s bash – just watch this space!


Roll on the South East Bass Bash 2014!

Additional photos of this bash can be found here:

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