Bluejay visits the Warwick Custom Shop in NYC, a year later

This was my second visit ever to New York City, and of course I was determined to return to the Warwick&Framus custom shop as soon as I could hit town! I have great memories of last years’ visit – my first – and equally happy memories of this year’s.

While my previous visit was on a bitterly cold day at the end of March 2013 (see, in 2014 I went on a glorious, sunny, very hot and sticky day in mid-July. In both cases, I forgot about the weather as soon as I stepped in, and immediately got into my kid-in-a-sweet-shop mode. πŸ˜€

Warwick NYC  shop front
The by now familiar – to me – Warwick shop front
Warwick shop window
The bass section of the window – A Corvette, a Starbass, and a Streamer
Framus shop window
The Framus section of the window – there is even a lefty model – yay! πŸ™‚


The spectacle inside the shop was every bit as breathtaking – and GAS-inducing – as I expected. The bass section of the shop covers the left side of the room – and I do mean “covers” – as well as most of the area in the middle.

General View, Centre
Snapshot of the central section of the bass wall – Lefty Corvettes, Streamers, Thumbs, Starbasses, Infinities, Dolphins, TM Stevens, Stuart Zender, Adam Clayton and Jonas Hellborg signature models and, last on the right, two new Fortress LTD models, with a Thumb SC.
General View, Left
Thumbs, Katanas, and Corvettes at the top, Streamers at the bottom.
General View, Right
Infinities, Dolphins, a red fretless Jack Bruce, TM Steven’s Streamer, Adam Clayton’s model, a pink Jonas Hellborg model, and more. Not to mention the amps, and the two Starbasses, the Vampyre and the Streamer in the bottom stand.


Before we turn around any more, a more detailed look at The Wall of Bass πŸ™‚

This was the top row.

Top Row, left (1)
Thumbs, up! πŸ˜‰
Top Row, left (2)
Five- and four-string Katanas and Corvettes
Top Row, left (3)
Two lefty Corvette models too!

Top Row, left (4)

Top Row, right (1)

Top Row, right (2)

Top Row, right (3)
The dark coloured one is the Stuart Zender model.


And this was the bottom row.

Bottom Row (1)
Three Starbasses and two Streamers

Bottom Row (2)

Bottom Row (3)


Despite my injured wrist, I couldn’t resist hugging a lefty Corvette just like the one I have at home (albeit in natural). Couldn’t play a note, mind (too painful), but I’m sure my potential audience of two long-suffering fellow bassists didn’t mind.

Bluejay (1)
Bluejay with her kid-in-a-sweet-shop look, a lefty Corvette Standard, and lots of Streamers covering her back


To the right of the entrance we are welcomed by the Framus section. I’m glad I don’t play guitar or my GAS would have been doubled and caused me to explode there and then…

A wall covered in Framus guitars
Framus (2)
Framus guitars and amps


There were more basses scattered around the shop!

Three Aliens
Wouldn’t mind being abducted by one of these, provided it was a lefty
The Counter
Photos of Warwick’s star endorsers, plus a Framus guitar, overlook the counter.


And this is our ever-patient guide and sales assistant, Dave!

“Hey Bluejay! You get inordinate GAS and take a billion photos every single time you visit – am I right?” Absolutely, Dave – and I wouldn’t have it any other way πŸ˜€


Special models coner
Gorgeous vintage Framuses – and a Thumb
Triumphs Lite
A Vampyre and two Triumphs Lite. One of those Triumphs in lefty – now available on request! – is my next GAS object.
Warwick and Framuses
More awesome vintage models
Stevens model
Another TM Stevens model, with single-coloured strings this time


Most of the amplification in the shop is Warwick for bass, but the few Framus units can pack a punch too.

Warwick Amps (1)
The Warwick Amps section behind the window
Framus amp
The Framus stack in the corner can hold its own, though.


I managed to drag myself out of the shop after spending nearly an hour there, and curb my GAS too, since I’m already the happy owner of no fewer than four Warwick bass guitars. Oh, but I will be back, of course I will be back… πŸ™‚

Bluejay (2)
“Help! With basses in front of me and amps behind me, I really don’t know where to look to avoid GAS…”



10 thoughts on “Bluejay visits the Warwick Custom Shop in NYC, a year later

Add yours


    Very envious of your trip to NYC. I could fill a shipping container with goodies from that store.

    Nice write-up!

    Paul (Skol303)


    1. LOL Thank you!! So much GAS in that shop… πŸ˜€
      This is only one of my NY visits – we went to a guided tour of Fodera’s workshop in Brooklyn on the same day. Blog for that is being written as we speak! πŸ™‚


  2. Really really interesting read, thanks! (I found this after a link to your Fodera’s writeup on basschat).
    I am fortunate to have a few German Warwick basses as well as amps and cabs, and would love to visit both NYC and this shop. In fact, a trip to the factory in Germany would be great too!
    Anyone know how you get endorsed or become a “product specialist” and upload videos to YouTube all day like Andy Irvine?

    Thanks again, great photos. Those Thumbs look lovely but my word are they heavy.


    1. Oh definitely, Warwicks are pretty heavy basses – but they’re still manageable (mostly!). The NYC shop is just that, a shop, while Markneukirchen has the workshop too, and organises a Warwick Bass Day in September every year. I can’t do this year, but I’m hoping to go next year πŸ™‚
      Not sure how you get endorsed by a company – that would be waay out of my league πŸ™‚


      1. I find the 5 strings I have alright with thick straps (and the wood they’re made of helps) but I have one 6 string bubinga-bodied Corvette and that is like weight training. A really wide strap helps but you certainly know that you’ve been wearing it all evening!

        That bass day sounds interesting! I looked at the bass camp details but I don’t have a spare mound of cash for such a bass feast, but the bass day would be acceptable to perhaps slot into a holiday somewhere, so I may save up for next year (and convince my wife that she’d enjoy it). The NYC shop would be interesting to go to, if only because I’ve never been to NYC.

        I am sure that you’re not far off endorsee level, right? I put a video up the other day on YouTube in the hope that one day they’ll take a look haha – you can only hope? You can find the link in basschat under “Recording / Share Your Music” – look for Warwick 6 string if you have a spare dull moment in your day.

        That solid blue double buck Corvette looks good enough to eat, but like one of those E-number filled blue smarties.


  3. LOOL I didn’t try biting it… that’s it, I need to go back to the shop to taste the Corvette. Can’t leave a job half finished, right? πŸ˜€
    A Corvette 6 must be pretty heavy but also have a massive amount of neck dive? My Corvette 5s are both headstock-heavy, while the Fortress 5 is perfectly balanced (but its body is bigger). Wide straps are a must, definitely.


    1. Weirdly, it isn’t neck heavy. I don’t know if it is related to how you wear the bass. Some play with the bass to the left but I prefer to play “over” it and wear it where my body is, with the only problem being that if you put any weight on (a frequent problem) you can’t play the bass properly. I think Warwick did a good job with Corvettes etc. of putting that really long arm to attach the strap to, so it doesn’t suffer headstock crash syndrome.

      What’s the Fortress like? You don’t see that many of them coming up for sale, especially not 5s.


      1. I play over the bass too, but being female I occasionally have a different problem – if I keep the strap shorter, the upper arm pushes against my right breast. Corvettes are usually fine, being so small, but the Fortress is more prone to that as it’s bigger. But the Fortress is absolutely awesome in all other respects – no humming or buzzing or funny noises, excellent active electronics, thin, fast neck, perfect frets. And I’m talking about a Rockbass! I haven’t tried the new German Fortress LTD because there were no lefties at the shop, but I expect it to be just as good and even better πŸ™‚


      2. Warwick should be careful making good Rockbass models in China – they’ll put their German counterparts out of business! Or, if someone has a bad experience with Rockbass, they’ll never buy the more expensive Pro series or German models. The global economy is difficult I guess!

        I have never tried a Rockbass model but from what you say they sound great. I’ll look out for one! Thanks again for the photos.


  4. Mine’s a lefty from 2005. I’m sure the difference in price with the more expensive series is justified by even better quality and/or choice, at least in the case of the Pro series. Hope you find one to try πŸ™‚
    Thanks again for reading the blog πŸ™‚


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