Basschat’s West Sussex Mini Bash, 31/08/2014

Who would say no to spending a glorious sunny day at the end of August near the south coast, meeting fellow Basschatters and trying out some awesome bass gear? Certainly not me, said more than a score bass addicts from the area, and several others from further afield. So we all gathered at Climping Village Hall in Littlehampton for several enjoyable hours, thanks to the excellent organising efforts of BCer Silverfoxnik and photographer wife Loraine.


View from outside
The Entrance




A roomful of bassists and gear!
A room full of bassists and gear!


Jakenewmanbass deconstructs basslines and talks theory – making perfect sense even to the “allergic” amongst his audience.

JakeNewmanBass (3)

JakeNewmanBass (2)

JakeNewmanBass (1)


Happy Jack has finally got the better of his chronic bad back through Pilates, and wants to share his experience with anyone who’s having similar trouble due to regular bass playing.

Check out his video here:

Some shots from his talk:

Happy Jack (1)
Standing in the A-frame shape
Happy Jack (2)
Finger stretching
Happy Jack (3)
Overhead prayer
Happy Jack's Talk Summary
Jack’s handout
Happy Jack (4)
Advice continues in the hall’s car park after the talk!

Happy Jack (5)


The massively GAS-inducing gear on display

Basses (16)

Basses (3)

Basses (13)

Basses (4)

Basses (15)


Some pedalage (belonging to Olliedf89), for the sake of variety:

Pedals (1)

Pedals (2)

Pedals (3)


And more basses and amps…

Basses (9)

Basses (8)

Basses (7)

Basses (6)

Basses (5)

Basses (1)

Basses (14)


Some of the people taken to the bash by their gear:

Bash Attendees (1)
Bash Attendees (2)
Bash Attendees (4)
Bash Attendees (5)
Bash Attendees (6)
Bash Attendees (7)
Bash Attendees (8)
Bash Attendees (9)
When not serving brekkie to hungry bass addicts, Loraine was hard at work on photography duty
Bash Attendees (10)
Bash Attendees (11)
Bash Attendees (12)
Bash Attendees (13)
Bash Attendees (14)
Phil.c60 – Not quite The Only Lefty In The Village (there were two of us!), but the only one who played bass. I was too busy zipping around to take shots of the action with my two cameras, and my injured wrist isn’t yet 100%. Nice Jazz, by the way πŸ™‚
Bash Attendees (15)
Silverfoxnik and Dingwall
Bash Attendees (17)
Bash Attendees (16)
KiOgon’s fine electronics
KiOgon's Scooter
And the back of his utterly cool scooter πŸ™‚


Bash Attendees (18)
Bash Attendees (19)
Bash Attendees (20)
Nik, watched by jhk
Bash Attendees (24)
Lee and Olliedf89
Bash Attendees (21)
Bash Attendees (22)
Jake with the Bongo
Bash Attendees (26)
Happy Jack with Silverfoxnik’s vintage BC Rich (pointy shapes notably absent)


Sunshine, basses, amps, like-minded company, friendship and Basschat. Good enough for me! When’s the next Sussex Mini Bash? I’m there πŸ™‚

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