Basschat South East Bash 2014

The 8th annual South East meetup was held at Jubilee High School in Addlestone a little later in the year than usual – on 1st November (Halloween weekend!) as opposed to late September. This year the bash was deliberately planned in a more relaxed way, with fewer talks and masterclasses than the star-studded, incredibly fast-paced event of last year. The aim was to allow participants – for once – to have the time to catch up with each other, try out each other’s gear and jam together without fear of missing out on what was happening in the other rooms.

We again had access to the whole ground floor of the school, but in practice we ended up using mostly the foyer, the theatre and the jam room.

The Entrance
The by now familiar sight at arrival – the school’s entrance

The first gathering point is, as always, the foyer

Reception Desk
The reception desk was less hard work this year – no queue, just eager Basschatters arriving in a manageable flow
Breakfast Table
Yum! Brekkie prepared by Hamster and wife Sarah
Stuff For Sale
The For Sale corner
Hamster takes a short break
obbm at his desk, and Happy Jack
Chimike's Unfinished Masterpiece (1)
Chimike’s work in progress – massive cab to go with the amp
Chimike's Unfinished Masterpiece (3)
Dad with his baby 🙂

Chimike's Unfinished Masterpiece (2)

Chimike's Unfinished Masterpiece (4)

The hall was a bit underused this year, which means our ears were spared the loud thunder and the mad slapping of last year!

Hall (1)
There were a few rigs and just a handful of ‘worshippers’ in the hall

Hall (2)

Hall (3)
Steve’s rig


Hall (4)
Billy Apple’s rig



The Jam Room

Jam Room (1)
Silverfoxnik – giving Paul the Drums a break – with Bottle and Seashell
Jam Room (2)
Paul, xilddx, barneyg42, Seashell
Some serious bass playing there.



The Theatre was by far the busiest area both during the talks/tests and at all other times.

People in the Theatre (5)
It was nowhere near as noisy as last year! Nobody was slapping, for which most of us are eternally grateful 🙂
People in the Theatre (3)
Bottle prepares the tracks and sounds for the amp shootout
Rigs in the Theatre (5)
Happy Jack’s vintage Gretsch – can be played as an upright too!
People in the Theatre (1)
As Bassace is doing here
People in the Theatre (15)
Billy Apple goes ‘Hmmm…’
People in the Theatre (2)
Johnm93 gets down to some serious playing
People in the Theatre (11)
The bass doesn’t look that big on 6feet7, though!
People in the Theatre (6)
Captain Rumble and his Sandberg
People in the Theatre (8)
Happy Jack tries the Sandberg
Rigs in the Theatre (1)
Unusual and precious
Rigs in the Theatre (3)

Rigs in the Theatre (2)

People in the Theatre (10)
Rare pic of MacDaddy playing bass. He’s usually seen playing lead guitar in The Junkyard Dogs
Rigs in the Theatre (10)


Rigs in the Theatre (9)

People in the Theatre (7)
Billy Apple and Smaz show us The Twins 😉


The double bass corner

People in the Theatre (4)
Bassace surrounded by big beauties
People in the Theatre (12)
An even rarer photo of MacDaddy playing upright bass
People in the Theatre (13)
It’s Aud(rey)’s turn on that gorgeous slimmed-down DB
People in the Theatre (14)
And Happy Jack’s
People in the Theatre (16)
PTB opts for the full-size double bass, another one of Bassace’s jewels
People in the Theatre (17)
Zero9 is another full-size fan.

Other random, GAS-inducing rigs lying around

Rigs in the Theatre (6)

Rigs in the Theatre (8)

Rigs in the Theatre (11)


Happy Jack gave an extended version of his In For The Long Stretch talk about fitness for bass players. Watch the complete video here:

Happy Jack (1)
Tenderising the crucial muscles


Happy Jack (2)
Exercise for the shoulders


Stretches (1)
The audience is asked to get involved


Stretches (2)
Learning to A-frame



It’s the turn of the Amp Shootout. Several high-end, different combinations of amps and cabs were assembled on stage and the same bass riff was played through each in turn, first with a drum machine as accompaniment, then on its own.

Watch Silverfoxnik’s introduction and first test here:

Amp Shootout (5)

Amp Shootout (2)

Amp Shootout (1)

Amp Shootout (3)

Amp Shootout (6)

Billy Apple introduces and tests his rig:

Amp Shootout (4)

Audience (1)
The audience had sheets of paper to mark their favourites
Audience (2)
The most vociferous judging panel in the room!



Finally, the Raffle!

Raffle (1)
Nice bunch of prizes


Raffle (2)
Hamster asks xilddx to draw the very first number


Raffle (3)

Raffle (4)

Raffle (5)

Everybody got more than one really good prize, as always, so we were all happy. Not everybody was able to stay until the end of the meetup, but this is a group shot of all who were there at the raffle. Chimike’s awesome cab was renamed Ped, because we knew he was there with us in spirit! 😀

Group (1)

Group (3)

So… the countdown to the next bass bash has started. Will you be there with us? 🙂

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