Basschat Double Bass Bash 2016

After a few failed attempts in previous years, this year, at the beginning of October, I was finally able to attend the annual Basschat upright bassists’ meetup, held in Risley near Derby, and what a fine day it was.

Basschat has a small but highly dedicated contingent of talented, experienced double bassists who don’t mind hauling their precious instruments to gigs up and down the country, and who gather every year at The Risley Park for a long-scale GAS-fest and a catch-up. Upright bass dabblers like me, absolute upright beginners, and bass guitarists curious to see what the fuss is all about are equally welcome. The room is spacious enough for several double basses, many electric uprights, some upmarket bass ukes, amplification rigs, and even a few interloping electric bass guitars (strictly for comparison purposes, of course…). Tea, coffee and a buffet lunch are included in the entry fee.

As well as trying, drooling over, and gassing after each other’s instruments and amplification, this year the group decided to concentrate on taking a closer look at bowing technique, mostly for the benefit of attending bowing newbies such as Happy Jack and myself. Guess what happened next: brand new bows and tubs of rosin have now joined our household. And that’s just because we already have a double bass and several uprights (but there’s always space for more, of course, even when there isn’t…). GAS, you say? I’ve no idea what you are talking about.





Owen explains the basics of bowing
Owen explains the basics of bowing


Happy Jack steps up to try bowing
Happy Jack steps up to try bowing for the first time


That's Owen's 5-stringer
That’s Owen’s 5-stringer


Organiser Bassace with his travel Kolstein
Organiser Bassace with his travel Kolstein


Organiser Owen with his Shuker
Co-0rganiser Owen with his Shuker


Yes, I know…


TheRev’s East German plywood DB and Eminence EUB


PhilB’s Strunal and rig


Happy Jack’s varied cohort, with Owen’s and Bassace’s DBs in the background



Yamaha Silent Bass SLB100, Rob Allen Mouse, Eminence, Clifton, Takamine TB10, KK Baby Bass, Thomann bass uke




Owen’s distinctively clothed 5-string DB


StingrayPete’s Gedo


Geoffbassist, StingrayPete1977, TheRev
Geoffbassist, StingrayPete and TheRev with his Eminence and DB


PhilB, Geoffbassist and TheRev


Happy Jack tries MrBassman’s Clifton


…and then his Yamaha Silent Bass, with PhilB scrutinising the proceedings







Stingraypete and MrBassman


Happy Jack turns his back to the food table and tries Owen’s Howlett bass uke


Howlett 5-string bass uke


Happy Jack, SpondonBassed and SubsonicSimpleton


SubsonicSimpleton with Happy Jack’s Zeller


… and with the Eminence


Owen with the Rob Allen Mouse
Owen with MrBassman’s Mouse



SpondonBassed brought a fretless rig
SpondonBassed brought a fretless rig


Invicts59 with Happy Jack's Takamine TB10
Invicta59 with Happy Jack’s Takamine TB10, and MrBassman in the background


Number6 with the Takamine


… And with the near-twin Zeller


PhilB and TheRev


Invicta59, Andyjr1515, TheRev, Stingraypete


Bassace, Stingraypete, TheRev


TheRev, Bassace, Owen


Some more amplification contributing to the magic:



I must say I love that Bose L1 PA.


Having at least one Barefaced One 10 is now compulsory at any bass bash!


Right, I’m ready for next year’s bash with unabated GAS. Watch this space.Β  πŸ˜‰


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