Basschat South East Bash 2017

Our usual September appointment with the Jubilee School in Addlestone was another well-attended GAS-fest with mouth-watering gear on show in the Main Hall.

In addition, we had an early talk by Lee of Anderton Music, and two great guests offering two totally different takes on bass playing: Davey Rimmer of Uriah Heep and solo bassist Steve Lawson.

Our favourite luthier Ian Robinson was again there to rescue our instruments from bad setups, while Basschat affiliates Chownybass and OBBM had stands showcasing their companiesโ€™ popular wares.

Add to the mix a well-stocked raffle table, the BC sales corner, refreshments and lots of catching up with friends, and you end up with another thoroughly enjoyable meetup.

Front door

The Foyer

Bassace’s double basses

Bassace's DBs

The For Sale area

For Sale and Raffle

For Sale (1)

For Sale (2)

For Sale (3)

For Sale (4)

Ian Robinson at his table

Ian Robinson

OBBM (Dave) with his cables and connectors


Stephen Chown, with Stingray5 in the background

Chowny (1)

This is the bass Stingray5 was grabbing in the pic above. The effect pedal was to be added to the raffle prizes.

Chowny (2)

Stingray5 again

Chowny (3)

Happy Jack, OBBM, Stephen

Chowny (4)

Happy Jack

Chowny (5)


Chowny (6)

The refreshments.

(That’s what was left at the end of the bash – I didn’t manage to get to them sooner!)


Sarah was again on hand to feed us and quench our thirst ๐Ÿ™‚


The ‘Quiet Room’

Merton rocks

Quiet room (1)

His reverse head ACG – and the Status isn’t bad either

Quiet room (2)

Darren Redick


Davey, an upside-down Spector, and Cetera

Davey and Cetera

The Auditorium

Davey’s rig

Davey's Talk (1)

I do fancy that Warwick, LEDs included

Davey's Talk (2)

Davey's Talk (3)


A couple of playalongs!

Steve Lawson…


Steve (1)

… and his Monique

Steve's Monique

Some solo bassing

Ped and Davey join a group of curious Basschatters after Steve’s talk

Steve (3)

The Main Hall

Feel free to ogle, GAS, drool and/or covet!

Main Hall (1)

Main Hall (2)

Yes that’s Mick’s Psilos bass, among others

Main Hall (3)

Main Hall (4)

Sibob goes 6-string

Main Hall (5)

Ped, Orange Friday and two weird and wonderful basses

Ped & Orange Friday

Ped and an aluminium guitar with no strings

Main Hall (6)

And this is his Wing Bass

Main Hall (16)

Lefty corner!

Main Hall (7)

Main Hall (8)

More ogling…

Main Hall (9)

Main Hall (10)

Main Hall (11)

MacDaddy Shukers and their trickery ๐Ÿ˜‰

Main Hall (12)

Main Hall (13)

Main Hall (14)


Main Hall (15)

The Raffle

A tableful of prizes

Raffle prizes (1)

Raffle prizes (2)

Raffle prizes (3)

Raffle prizes (4)

Steve, Davey, Hamster with the Chownybass pedal prize, Ped, Silverfoxnik, and The Doggie!

Raffle with Dog

Steve and Davey

Steve and Davey

It was another great day of bass-related happiness. We are already planning next year’s bash, to be held on 29th September 2018. This is what Hamster said a few weeks after the 2017 bash:

Well, the SEBB was a financial success and as usual we made a profit that has been distributed to good causes as follows:

Cancer Research UK – Specifically for breast cancer
Prostate Cancer UK – For those gentleman’s nether regions
4sight – Supporting people with sight loss
Shooting Star Chase – A local children’s hospice

I’ve already had a planning meeting, well it was actually an excuse to go to the pub, about what contacts we can approach to make a guest appearance at next years SEBB.

The short list is impressive!

The date is already in the diary. Watch this space for more info!

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