NAMM 2018, Part 4 – Beyond Bass

The last part of my NAMM blog series includes booths that were not specifically aimed at bass players, but managed to attract our attention and intrigue us even amid the chaos and cacophony. You’ll also see some bass amplification, as well as a few well known faces we spotted randomly at booths.

Aguilar Amplification

The guys were doing good business even early in the morning.


Aim Gifts

These are music-themed lamps that change colour. Rather nice.

Aim Gifts (1)

Aim Gifts (2)

Aim Gifts (3)

Aim Gifts (4)


Buy all the bits loose, chuck them in your suitcase, assemble the bass once at home.


Ashdown Engineering


Bergantino Audio Systems


Calton Cases

If you buy a colourful one you won’t lose sight of your instrument, even when you want to!

Calton Cases (1)

Calton Cases (2)

EBS Sweden AB

EBS (1)

EBS (2)

EBS (3)

Ernie Ball Musicman

Another colourful booth.

Ernie (1)

Ernie (2)
(Photo by Happy Jack)

Funguy Mojo Guitars

Weird and very interesting.

Funguy (1)

Funguy (3)

GHS Strings



Gotoh (1)

Gotoh (2)

Gotoh (3)

Guitar Grip

This appeals to the metalhead in me! And they have right and left hands.

Guitar Grip (1)

Guitar Grip (2)

Guitar Grip (3)

Harris Musical Products

Besides the fancy plectrums, they also sell picks by the pound, for those who are always losing them.

Harris (1)

Harris (2)

Harris (4)


One theme we noticed at NAMM 2018 was the number of booths offering aluminium-based guitars. This is the one we liked best.

Heliarc (3)

Heliarc (4)

Heliarc (5)

Heliarc (7)

Jam Pedals

Each of these is a work of art in itself!

Jam Pedals (1)

Jam Pedals (3)

Jam Pedals (4)

Jam Pedals (5)

Jocavi Acoustic Panels

Beats the egg cartons of yore.

Jocavi (4)

Jocavi (2)

Jocavi (3)



Luthiers Beyond Limits

A special section for original designs.

Klein Guitars

Luthiers Beyond Limits - Klein Guitars (1)

This is still Klein Guitars, despite the poster in the background.

Luthiers Beyond Limits - Klein Guitars (2)

Pagelli Guitars

Luthiers Beyond Limits - Pagelli


Yes, they had the wall of Marshalls, and people were having their photo taken in front of it, while playing their favourite air guitar.


One Control

Small, elegant and colour-coded. But you need tiny feet to operate a pedalboard full of these.

One Control (1)

One Control (2)

One Control (3)


OnkartGromt (2)


You definitely couldn’t miss the Orange booth. Excellent for finding your way around the hall. Oh, and the gear was great too.

Orange (1)

Orange (2)

Orange (3)

Orange (4)

Orange (5)

Orange (6)

Orange (7)

Poly Expressive

The solution to a crowded pedalboard: it’s flat, it’s smooth, and you can slide your foot on the correct controls without hitting the wrong ones. The piece of paper with the effect names is customisable.

Poly Expressive (1)

Poly Expressive (2)

Poly Expressive (3)

Poly Expressive (4)


I’ll have all of those, please.

Powersoft (1)

Powersoft (2)


RCF (1)

RCF (2)

Rip Tie

A number of different solutions for keeping cables tidy. Colourful and customisable.

Rip Tie (2)

Rip Tie (3)

Rip Tie (4)


Happy Jack really liked the Tanajura – percussion you can plug into an amp.

Rozini (2)

Rozini (1)

Rozini (3)

Rozini (4)


Schaller (1)

Schaller (2)


Another weird percussion instrument that makes perfect sense: you plug it into an amp, and then you can slap it with your ‘plucking’ hand, change the pitch with your ‘fretting’ hand (the holes mark the notes), or place it on a flat surface and use it as a normal percussion instrument.

Slaperoo (2)

Slaperoo (3)

Slaperoo (4)

This is the double bass version! He is sliding his foot along the bottom of the stick.

Slaperoo (5)

Swing Guitars

While the basses look normal, the guitars certainly don’t.

Swing guitars (1)

Swing guitars (2)

Tsunami Cables

Seemingly bullet-proof.

Tsunami Cables (1)

Tsunami Cables (2)

Tsunami Cables (3)


Another clever accessory for pedalboards: add wings to knobs, and turn then with your feet.

Wingman (1)

Wingman (2)

Wingman (3)

Wingman (4)


The photo below was taken early in the morning, when the metronomes were off.

Wittner (1)

Then, during the show, they were all activated.

Wittner (2)

No two metronomes were ticking in unison! πŸ˜€

Wittner (4)


The choice of recording devices, and weird bits to add on top, is fascinating.

Zoom (1)

Zoom (3)

Zoom (4)

Zoom H1n (2)

Woodwind and Brass

The area was much quieter than it could have been! Some Chinese companies alongside more traditional European names and US distributors.

Bakun Musical Services

Brass - Backun

Buffet Crampon

Brass - Buffet Crampon (2)

Brass - Buffet Crampon (1)

Cannonball Musical Instruments

Brass - Cannonball

Eastman Winds

Brass - Eastman (2)

Brass - Eastman (1)

Opus Music

Brass - Opus (1)

Brass - Opus (4)

Brass - Opus (2)

Well, this was big.

Brass - Opus (3)

I do mean big! Hopefully not too heavy, though.

Brass - Opus (3b)


Brass - Weissenberg (1)

Brass - Weissenberg (2)

The Drums Section

There was a thoroughly captivating area dedicated to drums and percussion. We loved it.

Ludwig Drums

Drums - Ludwig

Remo Colortone

Drums - Remo Colortone (1)

Drums - Remo Colortone (2)


Need a cymbal? Have a few hundred instead.

Drums - Sabian (1)

Drums - Sabian (3)

Drums - Sabian (4)
(Photo by Happy Jack)

Drums - Sabian (5)
(Photo by Happy Jack)


Drums - Tama (1)

Drums - Tama (3)

Zildjian and Vic Firth

Drums - Zildjan Vic Firth (1)

(Photos below by Happy Jack)

Drums - Zildjan Vic Firth (3)

Drums - Zildjan Vic Firth (4)

Drums - Zildjan Vic Firth (5)

Tempted to buy one of these spiral cymbals for your drummer? We were.

Drums - Zildjan Vic Firth (6)

Stars at Booths

Random signings and performances! There were many more, but these are the ones we could take photos of.

Happy Jack spotted Bootsy at three different stands while he was walking around. Perhaps Bootsy was secretly following him.


On Friday, the Tsunami Cables booth had none other than Cody Wright and Andy Irvine playing bass together to the delight of bystanders.

Cody Wright and Andy Irvine

Lee Sklar was being interviewed at the Warwick booth.

Lee Sklar

Skid Row were signing autographs at the Reunion Blues booth.

Skid Row

There was a lot more happening than I’ve managed to show here, but there is a limit to how many photos can be published from one event! Thank you for reading so far.

Next, the London Bass Guitar Show 2018!

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