London Bass Guitar Show 2018 – Part 2

Here is the second part with photos of the best bass event of the year in the UK! The exhibitors are in alphabetical order, although some stands covered more than one company. As usual, almost all of the photos were taken before the doors opened to the general public.

This year I noticed the appearance at several booths of a number of lefty models. I know of a small army of lefty Basschat members and not-yet–members who were hoping to be able to attend and try some basses this time. Well done, exhibitors – please continue this trend.

AC Guitars

The European Guitar Builders were back with their long table in the entrance hall, and Alan Cringean had some new, colourful models on show.

ACG (1)

ACG (2)

ACG (3)

Aguilar Amplification

Spot the coloured cabs amid the traditional-looking blacks and greys.

Aguilar (1)

Aguilar (2)

Aguilar (3)

Anaconda Basses

Anaconda (1)

The purple one… mmm.

Anaconda (2)

Ashdown Engineering

Ashdown (1)

Yes, that’s a luxurious Enfield bass.

Ashdown (1b)

Bass Direct

Where to start? Their large stand had a veritable cornucopia of highly covetable instruments and accessories – Dingwall, Mayones, Elrick, Mtd, Comfort Strapp, and even a Kala U-Bass!

Bass Direct (2)

Bass Direct (6)

Bass Direct (7)

Too many strings? πŸ˜‰

Bass Direct (8)

Bass Direct (9)

Bass Direct (11)

Bass Direct (13)

Bass Direct (17)

Bass Direct (18)

Bass Direct (19)

Bass Direct (20)

Bass Direct (4)


We had MacDaddy, Charic, Ped and Tina taking turns at the Basschat stand. Below MacDaddy and Charic with Transistorbassman.

Basschat (1)

MacDaddy, Ped, Tina, Charic

Basschat (2)

MacDaddy showcases his Snapdragon folding bass.

Basschat - MacDaddy's Snapdragon (1)

Basschat - MacDaddy's Snapdragon (2)

Basschat - MacDaddy's Snapdragon (3)

Bassline Publishing

We missed them.

Bassline Pubs

Bass Guitar Magazine

They were offering the customary great subscription deals with added goodies.


Chowny Bass

Depressingly, they couldn’t make it on the Saturday…

Chowny (1)

…but were back with a vengeance on the Sunday. Drool!

Chowny (4)

Spot the lefty (yay!)

Chowny (6)

Happy Jack had been chasing that mint green Scott Whitley fretless for months, and finally got it at the show.

Chowny - Happy Jack

Claas Guitars

Alexander Claas from Germany was a new exhibitor at the show, and this small selection of his boutique basses received a lot of interest.

Claas (1)

I was particularly intrigued by the neck on this one. The additional width has a stability and sound-enhancing purpose. This neck was wide but shallow enough not to be uncomfortable to play.

Claas (2)

Claas (3)

Claas (4)

Some serious bolt-on action here.

Claas (5)

Cort Guitars

Wide variety, and affordable instruments. What’s not to like?

Cort (1)

There was even a couple of lefties.

Cort (2)

Cort (5)

Cort (4)

De Gier Guitars

Sander De Gier again showcased his beauties on the European Guitar Builders’ table.

De Gier (1)

De Gier (2)

DR Strings

DRs and Spectors. I could ogle them for hours. πŸ™‚

DR Strings (2)

DR Strings (3)

DR Strings (4)

Duvoisin Guitars

Another first-time exhibitor, from Switzerland. This is Pierre Camilleri with some seriously elegant instruments.

Duvoisin (1)

Duvoisin (3)

Duvoisin (4)

Eich Amplification

Those Bass Boards were again very successful. The only way to take a photo like this was early in the morning.

Eich (2)

Ellio Martina Guitars

The Vanderkley/Martina Dutch corner was, as always, very busy throughout the weekend, with a constant flow of stars and visitors plugging these beauties into Marc’s amps and cabs (scroll down to see those).

Ellio Martina (2)

Ellio Martina (6)

Ellio himself. And I bought one of those bass stands off him at the end of the show, because I think they are very cool. (I would add a link to their website, but production seems to have been discontinued.)

Ellio Martina (8)

Emma Electronic

He’s looking at two people tweaking settings on the Darkglass amp out of shot.

Emma Electronic (2)

Ernie Ball Music Man

Ernie Ball (2)

Ernie Ball (3)

The new show models have steel hardware and use roasted maple.

Ernie Ball (5)

Spot the six-string intruder…

Ernie Ball (6)

Flattley Guitar Pedals

Very new company that created a lot of interest, not just from punters but also from guest stars.

Flattley (2)

Flattley (4)

Flattley (5)

Flattley (6)


Stylish as always.

Gallien-Kruger (3)

Gillett Guitars

Back by popular demand in the quiet corner by the Auditorium.

Gillett (1)

Gillett (6)

Michael Gillett at work.

Gillett (3)

GR Bass

Red and orange are the new black. See also ProAmp below…

GR Bass (1)

GR Bass (3)

GR Bass (4)

IQS Strings

IQS Strings


Oh, yellow is also the new black. Forget Marcus Miller, what we were most fascinated by was the MarkAudio linear array systems!

Markbass (1)

Markbass (2)

Markbass - Jack

Markbass (3)

Marleaux Bass Guitars

Well and truly overwhelmed by lust.

Marleaux (4)

Marleaux (8)

Marleaux (14)

Marleaux (23)

Marleaux (25)

Mercury Hearing

Family-run company, all very nice and patiently explaining their offers. We’re planning a visit.

Mercury (1)

Mercury (2)

Mercury (3)

Music for All

Keep these guys in mind if you want your charity money to do something for music and young people.

Music For All (1)

Music For All (2)

Music For All (3)

Neubauer Guitars

A return to the European Guitar Builders table for Andreas Neubauer, his basses and also endorsee Snow Owl, who was a guest performer.

Neubauer (3)

Nik Huber Guitars

Another EGB regular – Nik Huber and his semi-hollow basses. Love the red one.

Nik Huber

Oliver Lang Instruments

Yes, he was back at the EGB table too, and no, he’s not giving it the thumbs down, he’s proudly showing me one of his gorgeous lefties.

OliverLang (1)

OliverLang (2)

Spot the other lefty.

OliverLang (3)

Orange Amps

Their stand had to be smaller than the humongous one they had at NAMM, but it was still very orange and great fun.

Orange (1)

Orange (2)

Orange (3)

We tried these O-Basses, and were seriously impressed, especially as they are much less expensive than they look and sound.

Orange (5)

Orange (6)

Orange (8)


Mark Hedge of Barnes&Mullins, the distributor.

Peavey (1)

Peavey (2)

Peavey (4)


Ferrari red!


Promenade Music

These are just the basses – they had a lot of accessories and strings too.

Promenade (1)

Promenade (2)


Ferdinand Rikkers was back at the EGB table, and we still can’t get over the lust that that blue-and-natural Treeline bass gives us, every time. That bass is Ferdinand’s own, not for sale. His take on a P-bass is also pretty luscious.

Rikkers (1)

Rikkers (2)


One of the regular exhibitors, with Jason How doing the honours, as always. Great stuff.

Rotosound (3)

Rotosound (1)

Safran Basses

Umut Dal was back with some more beautiful, highly distinctive models. And a lefty.

Safran (1)

Safran (3)

Safran (8)

Safran (9)

Safran (11)

Umut is left-handed but plays both lefty and righty basses either way, upside-down strings and all. I’m very jealous.

Safran (10)

Sandberg Guitars/Bassics

A profusion of lefties. Hats off to you, Sirs.

Sandberg-Bassics (2)

The black-and-crème Enigma is the Chris Childs signature model.

Sandberg-Bassics (1)

And this is a reliced Grand Dark.

Sandberg-Bassics (3)

Sandberg-Bassics (5)

Serek Basses

Serek, from the US, were another new exhibitor. Like Tonetech/Sever, their gear was detained at Heathrow, but unlike them, they managed to get it back for showing on the Sunday.

Serek (1)

Sims Pickups/Enfield Guitars

They look good enough to eat.

SimS (1)

SimS (2)

Martin Sims

SimS (3)

Spector Basses

For those who were disappointed that I wasn’t able to take any decent photos of Spector’s stand at NAMM, here is an extended series.

Spector (1)

Spector (2)

Spector (4)

Spector (7)

Spector (8)

Spector (9)

Spector (10)

Spector (12)

ToneTech Luthier Supplies/Sever Instruments

Tonetech and Sever had to make do with showcasing just a fraction of what they had shipped to London – because most of it was still sitting at Heathrow by the end of the show.

Tonetech (2)

Tonetech (3)

Tonetech (7)

Trace Elliot

Yes, that’s the fabled Elf in prominent position. The cabs are neat too.


Tuli Basses

Another new name at the show, from Finland. And very beautiful they are.

Tuli (3)

Tuli (4)

Tuli (7)

Tuli (8)

Luthier and owner Aron Bach shows us how even the back of these basses is a work of art.

Tuli (6)

Vanderkley Amplification

The other half of the Dutch corner (with Ellio Martina). Marc Vanderkley only attends one show, the LBGS, and usually goes home to Holland having sold everything.

Vanderkley (2)

Warwick Basses

A small but significant presence. There was still no sign of the Idolmaker bass, of which only a few have been built; they are all currently in the US. However, we did get a guitar. Idolmaker basses will reach Europe later in the year; for now, we can GAS for that Dolphin, those Streamers, those Thumbs and those Corvettes, especially the purple one.

Warwick (2)

Warwick (3)

Warwick (4)

What, it’s over already? Roll on next year!

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