Basschat Double Bass Bash 2018

The 2018 double bass bash was held in mid-April after almost two years, in a different location from 2016, and organised by Brother Malvis as opposed to Bassace. That’s where the difference ends, though – many of our DB regulars attended this time too, and the meetup had an added international flavour due to the presence of Basschatter Staggering On, who had travelled all the way from Canada.

Waterloo Farm in Fringford, near Bicester, may not have looked like one of our traditional meeting points for a bass bash, but its barn is used for choir singing, and turned out to be perfect for our meetup.

[This photo was taken at the start by a wide-angle fixed camera]

The entrance
Farm (2)

The view from the entrance
Farm (4)

The neigh-bourhood [Groan! – Ed]
Farm (3)

The lobby had a huge fireplace!
Farm (1)

This year we decided to keep the schedule totally unregimented, so there were no planned talks – we wanted to just meet up, play each other’s basses, chat at leisure, and let double bass GAS take hold of us unhindered.

General Views (1)

General Views (2)

General Views (3)

General Views (5)

Bassace’s beautiful basses [Enough alliteration – Ed]
Double Bass Bash - Bassace's rig

Brother Malvis and Bassace
Double Bass Bash (13)

Double Bass Bash (22)

Happy Jack and the Kolstein Busetto
Kolstein Busetto

Brother Malvis also brought a Hungarian 1965 bass with a distinctive pairing of colours, and a KK Baby Bass

Double Bass Bash - Brother Malvis rig

Aud with the 1965
Hungarian 1965 (2)

NickA, Brother Malvis
Hungarian 1965 (3)

Bassace, NickA
Hungarian 1965 (4)

Hungarian 1965 (5) - NickA

The 1965’s scroll
Scrolls (2)

Double Bass Bash - Brother Malvis bass (1b)

Double Bass Bash - Brother Malvis bass (1)

Scrolls (3)

Brother Malvis and the Baby Bass
KK (2)

Happy Jack checks the weight with Brother Malvis and Staggering On
KK (1)

Staggering On takes his turn to play it
KK (3)

KK (4)

The basses brought in by Owen and Brother Malvis
Double Bass Bash - Owen and Brother Malvis rig

In this photo the leopard coat has gone, and a couple of stray DBs have joined the group
Double Bass Bash - Owen and Brother Malvis rig, plus

Owen's 5-stringer (1)

Happy Jack and Owen
Owen's 5-stringer (2)

Owen's 5-stringer (3)

Owen's 5-stringer (5)

Owen's 5-stringer (7)

Scrolls (1)

Simon’s bass
Simon's DB (1)

Simon's DB (2)

Scrolls (4)

There was much comparing of amplification and pickup performance.

Small Mackie, big PJB stack
Amplification (1)

The first Crazy88 in the country
Amplification (2)

Owen tests the Crazy88’s little brother, the Crazy8, with his double bass through the Trace Elliot Elf
Amplification (3)

We adjourned to the lobby for a relaxing lunch break in front of the fire, in the company of Crumbles the house dog.

Staggering On with the group in the background
Lunch break (1)

StingrayPete, Aud, Brother Malvis, Staggering On
Lunch break (2)

Aud, Brother Malvis, Staggering On, Bassace, Happy Jack, Crumbles, NickA
Lunch break (3)

Owen and Crumbles
Lunch break (4)

We even had time for the ritual Burning Of The Old Soundpost by StingrayPete

Soundpost (1)

Soundpost (2)

Soundpost (3)

Back in the main room, Brother Malvis’ distinctive black DB was the subject of some attention.

Staggering On, StingrayPete, NickA
Double Bass Bash - Brother Malvis bass (2)

Happy Jack and Brother Malvis
Double Bass Bash - Brother Malvis basses

We also had ukes! One uke and a mini double bass, to be precise.

Bassace, Happy Jack, Brother Malvis
Double Bass Bash - Uke galore

Owen tries his old uke (now belonging to Happy Jack) with its new set of nylon-core strings
Double Bass Bash (23)

This is Owen’s fabled mini-DB!
Owen's DB Uke (5)

It’s meant to be played upright.
Owen's DB Uke (3)

Owen's DB Uke (4)

…Except Happy Jack isn’t convinced.
Owen's DB Uke (2)

‘This is more like it.’
Owen's DB Uke (1)

Elsewhere, Bassace tries Happy Jack’s Zeller DB…
Bassace with HJ's DB

…and discovers its Eb stop
HJ's Zeller - The Eb stop

Happy Jack and his Zeller
HJ's Zeller

StingrayPete and NickA
Double Bass Bash (8)

Double Bass Bash (9)

Double Bass Bash (14)

Double Bass Bash (11)

Double Bass Bash (20)

Double Bass Bash (21)

Happy Jack tries a full size DB to see how much bigger it is.
Double Bass Bash (29)

Answer: not that much bigger.
Double Bass Bash (30)

Bows were brought in, swapped and tested

NickA and StingrayPete
Nick & Pete

French bowing
NickA (3)

German bowing
NickA (4)

Then we looked at Audrey’s Eminence – and the GAS was strong with that.

Eminence (1)

Eminence (2)

Happy Jack
Eminence (3)

Staggering On
Eminence (4)

The uprights convention
Eminence (5)

Owen’s NS CRT 5
NS (1)

Staggering On
NS (3)

Happy Jack’s Takamine TB10 is an acceptable replacement for those DB gigs where there’s no space or headroom

Takamine (0)

Takamine (1)

Takamine (2)

We took photos of the entire group (minus yours truly who was behind the lens), and these are some of the best.

L-R: Owen, StingrayPete1977, Bassace, NickA, Happy Jack, Aud, Simon, Brother Malvis, Staggering On
DB Bash 2018 - Group Photo

StingrayPete, NickA
Group pics (1)

Group pics (2)

Group pics (3)

The meetup was great fun from start to finish, and we all loved having the time to catch up with old friends and putting faces to new screen names. As for GAS, there was quite a lot of it, as you can magine! I’m curious to see how many of us turn up at the next bash with new purchases, possibly – in Basschat’s honoured tradition – having bought each other’s instruments after seeing them here. 😀

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  1. Another cracking blog Silvia,. Thanks for giving me DB gas even though I haven’t played one for over 45 years. Looking forward to seeing you and HJ soon. x


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