NAMM 2018, Part 2 – A general look

2018 has been the year I finally attended the NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) show in Anaheim, California for the first time. Held at the end of January, it’s the first music-related show of the year and the largest, as well as the broadest in scope. The footprint of the show is huge, as... Continue Reading →

London Bass Guitar Show 2016

The buzz about the 2016 London Bass Guitar Show started as soon as we had recovered from the excitement of the 2015 show. At first, new information came as a trickle: the 2016 date was announced; we were promised the event would be amazing. 'Huh, that's what the organisers always say, isn't it' we mumbled... Continue Reading →

London Bass Guitar Show 2015

Had we been remotely inclined to listen to its detractors’ bleating in the run-up to the event, the London Bass Guitar Show 2015 was going to be The One The Biggest Manufacturers Did Not Bother Attending and The One Where The Noise Is So Bad You Can’t Hear Yourself Thinking, Let Alone Playing Bass and... Continue Reading →

Bell Studios Launch Party, 15/01/15

As a Chiswick resident, a former Tech Music School (now BIMM) mature student, and someone who often works in Acton near to what was for years simply Bell Percussion, the awesome drums store, I couldn't have been happier to find out that the shop was expanding into rehearsal studios in 2015 and having a mid-January... Continue Reading →

The Tabard’s Blues Night, Chiswick, 01/02/14

The first local music event of the year was again at the Tabard, and it was another "Jools-style" night, this time with variations on the Blues as a theme and, playing one tune each in turn, another three awesome bands: Son Maxwell's Unruly Blues, Krissy Matthews' Band and Vienna Ditto. Son Maxwell's Unruly Blues are Tabard... Continue Reading →

Ealing Blues Festival 2013

The Ealing Blues Festival, previously only lasting one day (Sunday), was extended to the whole penultimate weekend of July for the first time this year, and looked like being a great success on both days. Basschat may not have had its own table or corner at the event, but there were many Basschatters both in... Continue Reading →

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