Basschat Herts Bash 2014

After its success in 2013, the highly anticipated Herts Bass Bash returned to Hatfield on a warm Sunday in early July 2014, again thanks to organisers The Greek (Mick), Lozz196 (Laurence) and Bassface2K10 (Chris). Despite clashing with the Formula 1 Grand Prix and the Wimbledon Men's final, the bash was well attended. We would be... Continue Reading →

Basschat Midlands Bash 2014

Roland Rock's account of the awesome bassday on 10th May 2014 at Brockington College in Leicester, which he organised together with Si600.         The BC Bass Relay and the Baton hit the Midlands Bash!   The rest of the photos

The Tabard’s Blues Night, Chiswick, 01/02/14

The first local music event of the year was again at the Tabard, and it was another "Jools-style" night, this time with variations on the Blues as a theme and, playing one tune each in turn, another three awesome bands: Son Maxwell's Unruly Blues, Krissy Matthews' Band and Vienna Ditto. Son Maxwell's Unruly Blues are Tabard... Continue Reading →

Basschat South East Bash, 2013

It had been building up for months, and had become frantic in the last few weeks. The list of participants, regularly updated on the dedicated thread on Basschat, had been getting longer and longer. The gear they were going to bring was mouth-watering. The guests, sponsors and masterclasses were unmissable. It was the biggest South... Continue Reading →

Ealing Blues Festival 2013

The Ealing Blues Festival, previously only lasting one day (Sunday), was extended to the whole penultimate weekend of July for the first time this year, and looked like being a great success on both days. Basschat may not have had its own table or corner at the event, but there were many Basschatters both in... Continue Reading →

Basschat Herts Bash 2013

On Saturday 1st June 2013 the warm weather had just arrived, finally, when many Basschatters from Hertfordshire and London gathered at Breaks Manor Youth Centre at Hatfield for our first, highly anticipated, Mid-Herts/North London bass bash. As well as using the small reception area to meet up in person, have breakfast and chat, we used... Continue Reading →

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